Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana 2024 | Apply Online, Interest Rate, Benefits and More

Due to the predominantly mountainous terrain in the state, coupled with a dearth of viable employment and management options for residents and farmers, the agricultural sector is suffering as farmers need help to effectively utilize their land. To address this issue and provide self-employment opportunities for small and marginal farmers, as well as unemployed residents, there is a proposal to encourage the establishment of solar power plants on non-arable land. Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana aims to empower individuals to generate income by selling the electricity produced to UPCL, utilizing land unsuitable for agriculture for renewable energy initiatives. In this article, we will talk about the scheme in detail. 

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What is Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana?

  • The scheme named “Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana ” was launched on May 28, 2020, for the small and marginal farmers, as well as unemployed residents of the state.
  • They are encouraged to establish solar power plants on non-arable land and sell them to UPCL. This will help them to have a stable income. 
  • You must be above 18 years of age to apply for the scheme. No educational background is needed,  
  • The applicability of this scheme extends to the entire state.
  • Solar power plants with capacities of 20/25/50/100/200 kilowatts will be permissible under this initiative.
  • Eligible individuals (permanent residents of the state) can establish solar power plants on their land or by leasing land.
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana
  • Implementation of the scheme will be overseen by the Uttarakhand Renewable Development Agency (UREDA) and UPCL. Cooperation from Industries/MSME and Uttarakhand State/District Cooperative Banks is vital for effective execution.
  • This scheme operates as a segment of the Office, issued by the Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, about the ‘Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana’.
  • It aligns with the guidelines of the Department of Micro, Small, and Medium Industries (MSMEs), enabling recipients to receive grants, margin money, and benefits applicable to manufacturing activities upon installation of allotted solar power plants.
  • Prospective participants interested in the scheme can submit applications through the online portal.
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana 2024 Key Highlights
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Launch DateMay 28, 2020,
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Official Website MSSY Official Website 
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana ObjectiveTo provide self-employment opportunities for small and marginal farmers, as well as unemployed residents.
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Beneficiary Small and Marginal farmers, as well as Unemployed Residents of Uttarakhand 
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Financial Assistance Rs 50,000
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Implementing Agency Uttarakhand Renewable Development Agency (UREDA)
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Department Department of Micro, Small, and Medium Industries (MSMEs), Uttarakhand 
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Interest Rate8%
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Mode of Application Online
Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Helpline Number+91-7617576909 

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Objective

  • Foster local self-employment opportunities for young entrepreneurs, returning migrants from Uttarakhand (due to Covid-19), and small/marginal farmers.
  • Deter migration for job prospects in hilly and rural regions.
  • Generate income by installing solar power plants on agricultural land that is becoming unproductive.
  • Promote the production of green energy within the state to meet Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO).
  • Implement a scheme that focuses on establishing solar power plants and encourages additional income streams such as cow rearing and cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and herbs on the designated land.

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Benefits

  • Within the framework of this initiative, individuals chosen by the cooperative banks of Uttarakhand State/District will be granted loans at an 8.00% interest rate, subject to eligibility.
  • Beneficiaries under this scheme can secure up to 70% of the total project cost as a loan through state/cooperative banks, with the remaining amount to be provided by the beneficiary as margin money.
  • Those selected under this scheme are eligible to access margin money, grants, and benefits by the provisions of the Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme administered by the MSME department.
  • Cooperative banks will extend loans under this scheme for 15 years.
  • Should a beneficiary opt to install a solar power plant using personal funds or acquire a loan from a nationalized or other bank, they can also receive grants, margin money, and benefits under the Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme, facilitated by the MSME department.
  • Beneficiaries chosen within this initiative will enjoy a 100% waiver on stamp duty for mortgaging their land for land-use conversion.
  • Those selected under this scheme will be supplied with complimentary seeds of medicinal and aromatic plants on the land where the industry is established, depending on climate conditions.
  • This initiative aims to enable beneficiaries to harness solar energy for electricity generation on their land, facilitating additional income through horticulture.
  • UREDA will identify firms to set up projects for scheme beneficiaries.

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Technical Standards 

  • Solar plants of 20/25/50/100/200 kW capacity will be allotted, requiring 750-1000 sq. meters for 50 kW, 1500-2000 sq. meters for 100 kW, and 3000-4000 sq. meters for 200 kW.
  • The estimated expenditure for setting up 50/100/200 kW plants is Rs 25/50/100 lakh at Rs 50,000 per kW, applicable also for new 20/25 kW plants.
  • Considering sunlight availability in Uttarakhand’s hilly areas, plants of 50/100/200 kW capacities are expected to produce 76000/152000/304000 units per year, approximately 1520 units per kW annually.
  • Electricity generated by the solar power plant under this scheme will be purchased by UPCL at rates set by the Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission for 25 years. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) will be established between UPCL and the beneficiary/allottee.
  • UPCL will make payments for the purchased power directly into the bank account of the concerned beneficiary through an Escrow Account, involving the loan-providing bank.
  • The Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission has set rates at Rs 4.64 per unit until March 2026.
  • Selected beneficiaries will be granted permission based on the Technical-Feasibility Report (TFR) provided by UPCL and the availability of land.
  • UPCL will engage in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the beneficiary for the purchase of power.
  • The electricity generated from the project allotted under this scheme will be bought by UPCL at rates determined by the Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission for 25 years.

Uttarakhand Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana 2024 | Rs 25 Lakh Loan Grant to the Youth 

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Eligibility Criteria 

  • The scheme is exclusively applicable to permanent residents of Uttarakhand.
  • Participation in the scheme is open to enterprising youth aged 18 and above, rural unemployed individuals, and farmers in the state. No specific educational qualifications are required for participation.
  • The scheme intends to allocate only one solar power plant to a single applicant from one family, considering a plant of any capacity (20/25/50/100/200 KW). 
  • Eligibility determination will be subject to scrutiny, and applicants will be required to submit an affidavit stating that no other family member has applied for this scheme. 
  • If, at any point, it is discovered that two plants have been allocated to the same family without UREDA’s approval, the application/allotment will be canceled, and the Security Deposit (CPG) will be seized.
  • Additionally, individuals who have benefited from previous schemes under the Government are also eligible to apply under the new provisions.

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Documents Required

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana application will require you to upload certain documents that can back up your authenticity. To apply for the Uttarakhand Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana, the following documents are necessary

  • Domicile Certificate Copy
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Copy of Aadhar Card
  • Affidavit (as per the prescribed format)
  • Educational Certificate
  • Copy of Bank Details
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable)
  • Disability Certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of Ration Card

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana Apply Online

To register for the Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana in 2024, begin by checking the eligibility criteria and ensuring you have the necessary documents for uploading the application form. Follow these steps for the online registration process:

Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana
  • Click on the “Register” button located at the top right corner of the website.
Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana
  • You will be directed to the registration page, where you must input details such as your name, address, PAN Card information, and other required information.
  • After entering all the details, click on the “Submit” button to complete the registration process.

Once registered, follow these steps for the online application process:

Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana
  • Proceed to fill out the application form displayed on the screen.
  • Provide all the necessary details in the application form.
  • Upload the required documents.
Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojana
  • Click on the “Submit” button to complete the Mukhyamantri Saur Swarojgar Yojana application process.
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