[Good News] Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme 2023 Rolled Out For Women and Transgenders 

On December 09, 2023, the newly elected CM of Telangana Sri. A. Revanth Reddy launched the much-anticipated women’s welfare scheme, the Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme. This was in the Congress Momento at the time of the election. Now that the Congress party has marked its win in the assembly elections, the Mahalakshmi scheme is also set to be launched along with the Mahalakshmi Scheme, the extension of the Rajiv Arogyasri scheme. In this article, we will talk about the “Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme” in detail. The complete details regarding the scheme are set to be announced by the state government. 

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What is the Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme?

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme is a welfare scheme for the women of Telangana. It was launched on December 09, 2023, by Chief Minister Sri. A. Revanth Reddy on the occasion of Sonia Gandhi’s birthday. This initiative encompasses three welfare schemes, namely the “Telangana Mahalakshmi Financial Assistance Scheme,” the “Telangana Mahalakshmi Free Bus Travel Scheme,” and the “Telangana Mahalakshmi Gas Cylinder Subsidy Scheme.”

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme

Under this scheme, the eligible women beneficiaries will receive various benefits such as free travel in RTC Buses all across the state. They will receive a gas cylinder every month at only Rs 500. Apart from that, they will also receive financial assistance of Rs 2500 per month based on their eligibility. Telangana Mahalakshmi Free Bus Travel Scheme has been rolled out already and is running successfully The information regarding the rest of them will be announced soon. Let’s learn about the Mahalakshmi Scheme in detail. 

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme 2023 Key Highlights
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Launch DateDecember 09, 2023
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Official Website Mahalakshmi State Portal
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme ObjectiveTo provide free bus service, subsidized gas cylinders, and financial assistance per month. 
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Beneficiaries Women and Transgenders of state
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme BenefitsFree Bus Service
Gas Cylinder at Rs 500
Rs 2500 per month to BPL Households
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme under Which Ministry Not yet launched 
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Age Limit Above 18 years of age (Expected)
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Mode of ApplicationOffline/Online 
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Helpline Number Not yet launched

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme in News | What’s New?

On December 3, 2023, the Telangana Legislative Election results were declared, with the Congress Party emerging victorious. The party, having pledged to introduce the Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme during their campaign, is now poised to establish the new government.

Similar to their commitment in the Karnataka elections, the Congress Party is set to fulfill the promise of the Mahalakshmi Scheme in Telangana. This initiative encompasses three welfare schemes, namely the “Telangana Mahalakshmi Financial Assistance Scheme,” the “Telangana Mahalakshmi Free Bus Travel Scheme,” and the “Telangana Mahalakshmi Gas Cylinder Subsidy Scheme.”

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Objective

  • The prime objective of the Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme is to empower the women of the state by providing them with the necessities like financial assistance to make their living easy and comfortable. To do this, the government has launched the “Mahalakshmi Scheme”
  • Under the Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme, eligible women in the state will receive monthly financial assistance of Rs. 2,500. 
  • The primary beneficiaries are expected to be married, divorced, and widowed women. Additionally, women with a valid gas connection in their name will be entitled to one subsidized gas cylinder per month at the cost of Rs. 500.
  • The Telangana Mahalakshmi Free Bus Travel Scheme, launched on December 9, 2023, allows women and transgender individuals in Telangana to travel free of cost in TSRTC buses within the state boundaries. 
  • Conductors will issue zero tickets to beneficiaries, who only need to present valid Telangana identity proof for free bus travel.
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Benefits

The Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme offers several significant advantages, including:

  • Assorted Benefits for Women: Women in the state stand to gain a variety of advantages through the Mahalakshmi Scheme.
  • Congress Party’s Electoral Commitment: As outlined in their electoral manifesto, the Congress Party has committed to the implementation of the Telangana Mahalakshmi plan.
  • Discounted Gas Cylinders: The scheme includes the provision of subsidized petrol cylinders, available at a reduced cost of Rs. 500.
  • Financial Assistance for Women: Should the Congress Party come into power, a monthly financial aid of Rs. 2,500 will be extended to women in the state.
  • Free RTC Bus Travel for Women: As part of the program, women will have the opportunity to travel for free on RTC buses.
  • Enhancing Women’s Financial Situation: The Mahalakshmi Scheme is designed to improve the financial standing of women, contributing to their economic well-being.

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme 2023 Eligibility Criteria 

The recently established Telangana government has outlined specific eligibility conditions to ensure the effective implementation of the Mahalakshmi Scheme. To avail of the scheme’s benefits, the following Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme eligibility criteria must be met:

Eligibility Criteria for Mahalakshmi Cash Assistance Scheme

  • Residence Proof: Applicants must possess a valid Telangana domicile certificate to qualify for the monthly Cash Assistance.
  • Beneficiaries: Only female applicants are eligible to receive financial assistance under the scheme.
  • One Head per Family: The scheme applies to one woman per family, specifically the female head of the household.
  • Marital Status: Married women are eligible to apply for the Mahalakshmi Scheme.
  • Annual Income Threshold: Families with an annual income not exceeding 2 lakhs, as verified by a third party, are eligible to apply online for the Telangana Cash Assistance Scheme under Mahalakshmi.

TSRTC Free Bus Travel Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • Residence Proof: Eligibility is restricted to individuals who are permanent residents of Telangana State.
  • Types of Beneficiaries: Girls, women, and transgender individuals are permitted to utilize TSRTC state-run buses for travel.
  • Family Members: All female members of a family are entitled to avail the benefits of the Free Bus Travel Scheme.
  • Age Limit: There is no specified age limit set by the state authorities for individuals to qualify for the benefits.
  • Transportation Areas: Eligible beneficiaries can utilize free bus travel exclusively in TSRTC buses and within the boundaries of Telangana State.
  • Free Bus Smart Card: While beneficiaries can currently travel without a TSRTC free bus smart card, it is anticipated that a smart card will be required in the future to access the benefits of the free bus travel scheme.

Eligibility Criteria for Telangana LPG Gas Cylinder Scheme:

  • Permanent Residency: Individuals holding permanent residency in Telangana are eligible to benefit from the scheme, allowing them to procure domestic LPG gas cylinders at a subsidized rate of only Rs. 500 per cylinder.
  • Poor Families: Families classified under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category, as evidenced by possession of a BPL ration card, are entitled to access affordable gas cylinders provided by the Telangana Government.
  • Number of Gas Cylinders: Qualified beneficiaries, identified through their BPL cards, can avail themselves of the scheme, receiving a maximum of 12 gas cylinders annually at the subsidized rate.

These eligibility conditions are essential for ensuring that the Mahalakshmi Scheme reaches its intended recipients effectively.

It is important to note that additional eligibility criteria are not yet officially launched by the government. You may have to wait a little while so that you have all the correct and official information regarding the same. 

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme 2023 Documents Required

When applying or registering for the Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme, the following documents are expected to be required by the authorities:

Documents Required Mahalakshmi Cash Assistance Scheme

  • Applicant’s Aadhaar Card: Submission of the applicant’s Aadhaar card is mandatory for processing Mahalakshmi Cash Assistance.
  • Copy of Ration Card: A photocopy of the ration card is required as part of the documentation for Mahalakshmi Cash Assistance.
  • Bank Account Details: Furnish relevant bank account details to facilitate the seamless transfer of cash assistance.
  • Recent Passport Size Photo: Include a recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant as part of the documentation for Mahalakshmi Cash Assistance.
  • Mobile Number: Provide a valid mobile number for communication and updates related to Mahalakshmi Cash Assistance.
  • Annual Income Certificate: Submission of an annual income certificate is required as part of the documentation process for Mahalakshmi Cash Assistance.

Documents Required for Mahalakshmi Free Bus Scheme:

  • Photo ID Proof: Present a valid photo identification proof for enrollment in the Mahalakshmi Free Bus Scheme.
  • Free Bus Smart Card (when compulsory): If mandatory, obtain and submit the Free Bus Smart Card for Mahalakshmi Free Bus Scheme benefits.
Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme bus ticket

Documents Needed for Mahalakshmi Gas Cylinder Scheme:

  • Ration Card: Submit a copy of the ration card as part of the documentation for the Mahalakshmi Gas Cylinder Scheme.
  • Domestic LPG Gas Book: Include the domestic LPG gas book as a required document for the Mahalakshmi Gas Cylinder Scheme.
  • BPL Card: Provide the Below Poverty Line (BPL) card as part of the documentation for the Mahalakshmi Gas Cylinder Scheme.
  • Mobile Number: Include a valid mobile number for communication and updates related to Mahalakshmi Gas Cylinder Scheme.

Ensuring the submission of these documents is crucial for the successful application and enrollment in the scheme. Stay informed and prepared with the required documentation to avail yourself of the Mahalakshmi Scheme benefits.

Telangana Mahalakshmi Scheme Application Process 

To apply online for the Mahalakshmi Free Bus Travel Scheme in Telangana, you can easily do so as the state government has implemented this initiative from December 9, 2023, for all eligible individuals. Currently, there is no need for specific documents to avail of the benefits of the free bus scheme. Simply board the TSRTC buses and carry any valid identification proof such as an Aadhaar card, election card, or any other identity document.

There is no requirement to visit any official online website or government offices to apply for the free bus scheme.

The components of the scheme, such as the Rs. 2500 cash assistance scheme and the LPG Gas Cylinder @500 scheme, are yet to be implemented in Telangana. However, the Congress government aims to fulfill all its promises within the first 100 days. Any updates from the Telangana State Government will be promptly published on this blog, ensuring you stay connected with us for the latest information.

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