Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana 2024 : A Bid to Conserve Green Cover of HP

Forests are essential for life on Earth. They provide us with oxygen, clean air, and water. They also help to regulate the climate, prevent erosion, and provide habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals. Forests are also important for human health and well-being. Unfortunately, forests are under threat. Deforestation is having a devastating impact on the environment and human communities. Acknowledging that the Himachal Pradesh Government has launched the “Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana” on July 25, 2023. Under this scheme, the government will try to expand green cover all over the state. 

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What is Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana 2023?

On July 25, 2023, the Government of Himachal Pradesh launched the Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana to conserve and expand the Green Cover all over the state. Besides that, the scheme aims to prevent soil erosion and excessive runoff on degraded and refractory hills by including barren areas of hills or mountains across the state. 

Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana

The Himachal Pradesh government is actively contributing to environmental conservation through its Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana. This initiative aims to raise awareness and actively engage citizens in the preservation of land, particularly in preventing soil erosion and landslides on mountain slopes. The comprehensive details of the scheme, known as Mukhyamantri Van Vistar Yojana 2023, are outlined in this article.

Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana 2024 Key Highlights
Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana Launch DateJuly 25, 2023
Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana Official WebsiteNot Yet Launched
Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana ObjectiveTo promote green cover on barren peaks and mountains
Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana StateHimachal Pradesh 
Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana Helpline Number Not Yet Launched

Under this program, the government is set to implement various measures to safeguard the environment across the entire state. The focus will be on enhancing green cover in Himachal Pradesh, particularly in the Banjara peaks and hills spanning all districts. The strategy involves extensive tree planting to transform these areas into lush, green spaces. To oversee the effective execution of Mukhyamantri Van Vistar Yojana, a task force will be established under the leadership of Chief Forest Officer Aruna Pal, Chief of Forest cum Forest Force.

The task force, chaired by Aruna Pal, will take charge of operationalizing and supervising the scheme’s implementation throughout the state. The Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana is expected to yield positive results in environmental improvement, with potential benefits including enhanced greenery and a reduction in pollution levels. Through such initiatives, the government is actively working towards the sustainable conservation of the natural landscape in Himachal Pradesh.

Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana Objective

The primary aim of the Himachal Pradesh Mukhyamantri Van Vistar Yojana, initiated by the state government, is to enhance the overall green cover by planting trees in districts with barren peaks and hills. This scheme not only involves tree plantation but also focuses on their maintenance. The government plans to outsource the plantation and maintenance activities in selected areas, thereby providing employment opportunities to residents. This initiative aims to bring direct and indirect benefits to the people of the state while also contributing positively to the environment.

Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana Benefits

  • Mukhyamantri Van Vistar Yojana in Himachal Pradesh is designed to transform barren peaks and hilly regions across all districts into green cover, thereby enhancing the state’s overall greenery.
  • This initiative, apart from tree plantation, focuses on outsourced plantation and maintenance work in selected areas. 
  • Residents will actively participate in the maintenance activities, providing employment opportunities to the people of the state.
  • The scheme goes beyond tree planting, emphasizing tree maintenance as well.
  • It aims to contribute to environmental preservation, ensuring soil conservation and preventing landslides on mountain slopes. 
  • The Himachal Pradesh government, under the leadership of the Chief of Forest cum Forest Force, will establish a committee to oversee the scheme’s implementation.
  • Mukhyamantri Van Vistar Yojana is not just about planting trees; it is about creating sustainable employment, safeguarding the environment, and promoting greenery across Himachal Pradesh.

Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana Implementing Force

For effective implementation of the scheme, the cabinet has decided to constitute a “Task Force”. This will be formed under the Chairmanship of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, the Head of Forest Force (HoFF).

It was decided that the maintenance of selected areas would be outsourced for seven years. The work of plantation and maintenance will be done by local inhabitants, if possible.

Important Points to be Noted

  • The cabinet decided to set up a project management unit in the revenue department to deal with natural calamities. They will also create and fill 14 posts of different categories.
  • The cabinet also decided to implement the HP Nautor Rules, 1968 for two years. However, there are some conditions. The designated area should not fall in a national park, sanctuary, conservation reserve, community reserve, reserve forest, or demarcated projected forest.
  • Only two trees standing over the land can be allowed as Nautor. They will be provided for domestic purposes only. The person should not be involved in any kind of forest offense.


By launching the Mukhya Mantri Van Vistar Yojana, Himachal Pradesh took a remarkable step towards making HP an environment-friendly state. This step will not only increase the forest cover but will also curb the problem of soil erosion increasing in the state.  

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