Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme 2023 Rolled Out for Class 1 to 10, 20 Lakh Students

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Telangana’s Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), is poised to introduce the “CM’s Breakfast Scheme” in all state-run schools on October 6. The official launch will occur in the Rangareddy district, while local leaders will simultaneously inaugurate the program in other districts throughout the state.

As per sources, the Chief Secretary has indicated that in accordance with the Chief Minister’s instructions, the “CM’s Breakfast Scheme” will be implemented in all government schools, running in parallel with the existing mid-day meal program. District Collectors have been instructed to select a government school in each assembly constituency within Telangana for the formal inauguration of the scheme.

What is the Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme?

In 2023, the Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme reflects the government’s strong commitment to the welfare of women and children in the state. Chief Minister KCR, also known by that moniker, decided to launch this program as a gesture for Dasara and as an expression of his humanitarian values.

Under this scheme, students studying from class 1 to 10 in government residential schools are going to get a nutritious breakfast 6 days a week. This has been done to improve the nutritional health of children and reduce the incidence of students leaving school prematurely.

He was deeply moved by the challenges faced by parents of students, particularly those working as agricultural laborers who set out for work at the crack of dawn. Following the implementation of the breakfast Scheme in Tamil Nadu, CM KCR dispatched a team to study its success. Subsequently, he decided to expand the program to include high school students, while Tamil Nadu was initially providing it to children in Classes 1 through 5.

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme  2023 Key Highlights
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme Launch DateOctober 06, 2023
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme  Official Website Not Yet Launched
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme  Objective To improve the nutritional health of children and reduce the incidence of students leaving school prematurely.
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme  Budget Rs 672 crore (Updated)
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme  Beneficiaries Students of (Class 1 to 10) – Government Residential Schools
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme  No of Beneficiaries 20 lakh students
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme Department Education, Panchayat Raj, Women and Child Welfare departments
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme  Number of Schools27,147 
Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme  Helpline NumberNot Yet launched

The Telangana government has taken a cue from the Tamil Nadu government and decided to launch the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme in all public schools on weekdays, starting from October 06. Earlier this scheme was set to launch on October 24, 2023.  The government is estimated to allocate an annual budget of Rs 672 crore to facilitate the implementation of this program. 

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme

In urban zones, the breakfast scheme will be administered by the Akshaya Patra Foundation, while in rural areas, different self-help groups will oversee its implementation. Furthermore, the Chief Secretary has directed District Collectors to ensure the distribution of Bathukamma Sarees is completed by October 14 and that sports kits are distributed by October 18.

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme Objective

The primary aim of the Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme is to ensure that no child arrives at school on an empty stomach, particularly those whose parents are engaged in agricultural labor and may struggle to provide breakfast for their children. CM KCR’s vision for this program is to ensure that children have access to nutritious meals, allowing them to focus on their studies without the distraction of hunger.

Annually, the Telangana government will allocate a total of Rs 672 crore to furnish breakfast to students in government primary and high schools, spanning from Class 1 to 10, throughout the state.

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme 2023 No of Beneficiaries 

The objective of the scheme is to address hunger among students in classrooms and promote consistent school attendance. Monitoring of the program will be conducted through a mobile app. The State government has dedicated Rs 672 crore for the implementation of this initiative, covering 27,147 government schools.

This initiative is aimed at benefiting over 23 lakh students in Classes 1 to 10 attending government schools. Students will receive a warm breakfast served at their tables approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of the school day.

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme 2023 Key Features

Key Highlights of the Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme:

1. Offering complimentary breakfast to students in grades 1 to 10.

2. Fostering holistic child development in conjunction with education.

3. Encouraging eligible recipients to access the scheme’s advantages.

4. Empowering and promoting self-sufficiency among beneficiaries.

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme Benefits 

The Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme offers the following benefits:

1. Improved Nutritional Health: The program provides nutritious meals, contributing to the enhancement of children’s overall nutritional well-being.

2. Reduced School Dropout Rates: By supplying a nourishing breakfast, the scheme improves students’ focus and academic performance, potentially leading to a decrease in dropout rates.

3. Increased School Attendance: The scheme acts as an incentive for regular school attendance among children, resulting in higher rates of attendance.

4. Enhanced General Health: The wholesome meals offered by the program play a pivotal role in improving the overall health of participating children.

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme Breakfast Menu

Within Telangana, there are currently two distinct meal programs in operation for students enrolled in government schools. The first program is the midday meal program, which provides lunch to students. The second program will be the recently introduced CM breakfast scheme, specifically designed for students in Classes 1 to 10, thus complementing the midday meal program that serves students from Classes 1 to 10 in government and government-aided schools.

The meals offered through the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme are nutritionally rich and include a variety of items like upma, kichadi, Pongal, and Kesari. These dishes are known for their substantial protein, carbohydrate, and vitamin content, as well as their ease of digestion.

While the mid-day meal scheme encompasses students from Classes 1 to 8 nationwide, the State government goes the extra mile by including students in Classes 9 and 10, incurring an additional expense of Rs 137 crore. To ensure that government school students receive iron-rich and micronutrient-fortified food, copper jaggery is provided at a cost of Rs 32 crore

Here is the breakfast menu for each day of the week:

Week Menu
Monday Idli with sambar or wheat rava Upma served with chutney.
TuesdayPuri with potato curry or tomato rice made with semolina, accompanied by chutney.
WednesdayUpma or kichidi with sambar, served with chutney.
Thursday Millet idli with sambar or Pongal, along with sambar.
Friday Uggani, Poha, or millet idli with chutney, or wheat rava kichidi with chutney.
Saturday Pongal with sambar or vegetable pilaf, paired with raita or potato curry.

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme Eligibility Criteria 

The criteria for eligibility in the Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme are as follows:

1. Students enrolled in grades 1 through 10.

2. Students attending government schools within Telangana.

3. Students attending schools under local authorities.

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme Supervision 

1. The headmaster at each school level oversees supervision.

2. Complex headmasters are responsible for monitoring all schools within their designated school complex.

3. Mandal nodal officers are tasked with overseeing all schools within the respective mandal.

4. District Educational Officers, in conjunction with the community coordinator of Samagra Shiksha, oversee all schools within the district.

5. The progress of the breakfast scheme is tracked using a mobile app and online software.

6. Implementation of the program involves collaboration with the Panchayat Raj, Women Development & Child Welfare departments.

7. The School Education department serves as the central coordinating department.

8. In areas under municipal corporations, the civic body commissioner serves as the supervisory/nodal officer.

9. At the rural level, the Additional Collector (Local Bodies) assumes overall supervisory responsibility for all schools in the district.


The Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme is a remarkable scheme bringing about positive transformations in the lives of children residing in Telangana. Walking in the footsteps of the Tamil Nadu Breakfast Scheme, this program, which offers complimentary breakfast to primary school students in government schools, will not only enhance the nutritional well-being of children but also contribute to a decline in school dropout rates. Hoping scheme to be implemented in all states of India. 

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