“Sikkim’s Post-Flash Flood Relief: Two Housing Schemes, 2011 Houses, Support, and Hope”

Sikkim, the scenic Himalayan state, recently faced a devastating flash flood that impacted the northern part of the region. In response, Chief Minister PS Tamang announced two crucial housing schemes i.e. “The Puranwas Awas Yojna (Rehabilitation Housing scheme) and the Janta Housing Colony scheme, and additional support measures to aid those affected by this tragedy. In this article, we are going to talk about these two housing schemes that have been launched by the CM along with the additional help that has been announced for the flood victims. In case you have any doubt regarding the scheme, you can comment below and we will reply as soon as possible.

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Sikkim Housing Schemes 2023 Key Highlights
Sikkim Housing Schemes 2023 Launch DateOctober 17, 2023
Sikkim Housing Schemes 2023 Name The Puranwas Awas Yojna (Rehabilitation Housing scheme) Janta Housing Colony scheme
Total Number of Houses Slated2011
School Material Relief Fund for Students Rs 10,000 each 
Rent accommodation for students Rs 5,000 each 
Rent exemption under the Janta Housing Colony Scheme 3 years
Allowances for those who lost their homes Kitchen appliances, Bathroom essentials, and Bedroom supplies
Interest-Free Loan Amount Limit Rs 10 Lakh repayable at 24 months
Business Loan Interest Rate0%

Housing Schemes:

1. Rehabilitation Housing Scheme (Puranwas Awas Yojna): Under this scheme, the state government will provide land and construct houses for individuals who lost their homes. Moreover, if someone already owns a piece of land and wishes to have a house built on it, the government will assist in the construction. A total of 2011 houses are slated for construction, and efforts are underway to identify suitable land for the program.

Housing Schemes

2. Janta Housing Colony Scheme: This initiative aims to construct a housing colony for those who do not have their own homes. Beneficiaries living in the Janta Housing Colony will be exempt from paying rent to the government for the next three years.

Additional Support:

  • Students who lost their school materials will receive financial assistance of Rs 10,000 each, with an additional Rs 5,000 if they live far from home in rented accommodations.
  • Individuals who used to stay in rented accommodations that were washed away in the flood will receive Rs 5,000 each for the next three months.
  • To further alleviate the hardships faced by flood victims, the state government will provide kitchen appliances, bathroom essentials, and bedroom supplies to those whose homes were lost.
  • The Sikkim government will also assist in replacing important documents that were lost during the flood at no cost.

Financial Relief for Businesses:

Sikkim’s Chief Minister is acutely aware of the economic impact of the flash flood. For businesses that suffered losses due to the disaster, the government is offering interest-free loans of up to Rs 10 lakh, repayable over 24 months. Existing business loans will also undergo restructuring with 0 percent interest.

Sikkim Flood Relief

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The Road to Recovery:

PS Tamang expressed his deep sympathy for the affected individuals, acknowledging the tremendous loss they have endured. He emphasized that the government is now dedicated to the rehabilitation phase, as the rescue operations have concluded. The administration stands ready to work closely with the people to rebuild their lives.

Root Causes of the Flash Flood:

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has cited a combination of excess rainfall and a Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) event at South Lhonak Lake in North Sikkim as the potential triggers for the flash floods. The region is now focused on recovery and rebuilding, hoping to provide support and solace to those affected by this natural disaster.

Important Note: Apart from these two housing schemes, Sikkim Government also runs “Sikkim Garib Awas Yojana, which is a rural housing scheme to make Sikkim kutcha house free state. The program aims to enhance the living conditions of underprivileged citizens by providing housing support. In addition to this, the Sikkim Garib Awas Yojana will empower individuals to achieve self-sufficiency. This initiative is set to elevate the economic well-being of the state’s residents and enhance the living standards of those in need. Furthermore, financial aid will be available through this program to facilitate the improvement and upgrading of existing housing structures.


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