Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 | Eligibility, Benefits, and Application Form

The desire of many parents to enroll their children in private schools is well-known, but often they lack the financial means to do so. However, a new program introduced by the Haryana government now offers a solution for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Understanding this, Haryana Chirag Yojana has been designed to enable children from underprivileged families to access education in private schools. Under the Chirag Yojana in Haryana, students whose family annual income is less than 1.80 lakh will be eligible for benefits. This initiative allows economically disadvantaged students in Haryana to receive education from the 2nd grade to the 12th grade in private schools.

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This article provides essential information about the Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023, including its objectives, benefits, features, eligibility criteria, required documents, and the application process.

What is the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023?

The Chirag Yojana 2023 is designed to provide financial assistance exclusively to students coming from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing them to attend private schools. This initiative aims to offer basic facilities for these economically underprivileged students, thus granting them the opportunity to access free education in private schools, bridging the gap between government and private education.

Eligibility for the Chirag Yojana is determined by the family’s annual income, which should be less than Rs 1.80 lakh. In its initial phase, the government plans to encompass approximately 25,000 students ranging from class 2 to class 12 under this program. More information regarding Haryana RTE Admission can be found below

Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 Key Highlights
Haryana Chirag Yojana Launch DateAugust 06, 2022,
Haryana Chirag Yojana Official Website Click Here
Haryana Chirag Yojana Objective To offer access to private schools to  economically underprivileged students
Haryana Chirag Yojana Amount Rs 5,000 ( Annually)Rs 10,000 ( For Divyang Students) 
Haryana Chirag Yojana Minimum Percentile Criteria 60%
Haryana Chirag Yojana Income Limit Rs 1,08,000
Haryana Chirag Yojana No. of beneficiaries25,000 Students
Haryana Chirag Yojana Duration Maximum of 5 years
Haryana Chirag Yojana Mode of Application Online/Offline 
Haryana Chirag Yojana Helpline Number0141-2706106

To kickstart the Chirag scheme, the government has abolished Rule 134A, which was a significant step. The government is actively working with private schools in Haryana, and many of these institutions have already consented to admit new students through this initiative. The Ministry responsible for this scheme has expressed its dedication to providing free education to underprivileged children in private schools, and it has fulfilled this commitment by launching the Chirag Yojana.

Haryana Chirag Yojana Objective 

The Chirag Yojana in Haryana is driven by specific objectives set by the state government. Its primary goal is to offer free private school education to children hailing from economically disadvantaged families. Under this scheme, students ranging from the second grade to the twelfth grade will have the opportunity to switch from government schools to private schools without incurring any expenses. This initiative is exclusively available to children who express a desire to attend private schools within the state of Haryana.

Haryana Chirag Yojana Benefits

The Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 comes with a range of benefits and features as initiated by the Haryana State Government:

1. Support for Economically Weaker Students: Chirag Yojana has been introduced to assist economically disadvantaged students in the state.

2. Abolishment of Rule 134A: This government scheme, initiated in the current academic session, involves the removal of Rule 134A. It aims to provide free education in private schools to students from impoverished backgrounds.

3. Free Transfer to Private Schools: The program facilitates the free transfer of students, studying from the 2nd to the 12th grade in government schools, to private schools.

4. Government-Funded Education Fees: Under the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023, run by the Haryana Education Department, the state government will cover the educational expenses of beneficiary students in private schools.

5. Access to Quality Education: This initiative ensures that students from economically underprivileged backgrounds can access quality education without facing financial constraints.

6. Enhanced Education Rates: The scheme is expected to contribute to an increase in the overall education standards within the state.

Haryana Chirag Yojana

Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 Eligibility Criteria 

Eligibility criteria play a crucial role in accessing the benefits of any government scheme, including the Chirag Yojana Haryana 2023. To qualify for this program, interested candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria set by the Haryana Government:

1. Residency Requirement: The applicant student must be a permanent resident of Haryana state to apply for the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023.

2. Academic Excellence: To be eligible for this state government scheme, candidates must demonstrate academic excellence by consistently passing in each academic section.

3. Income Limit: The annual family income of the applicant student should not exceed Rs 1,80,000 to qualify for this scheme.

4. Grade/Class Range: Under the Chirag Yojana, applicant students can secure admission only in private schools within the state that offer education from the 2nd through the 12th grade.

Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 Documents Required 

The documentation necessary for Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 includes the following:

1. A certificate indicating the transition from the public school system to the private system.

2. An official photo identification of the student.

3. A family certificate that serves as proof of parent age.

Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 Apply Online 

To apply for the Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 and avail its benefits, interested students from Haryana should follow the following application process:

1. Begin by visiting the official website of the Education Department of Haryana.

2. Upon reaching the website, navigate to the “Haryana Chirag Yojana Online Form” option on the homepage.

3. Click on this option, and you’ll be directed to the application form, which will be available in PDF format.

4. Download the PDF application form and print it out.

5. Fill in all the required information in the application form as instructed.

6. Attach the necessary documents that are specified in the application form.

7. Submit the completed application form, along with the attached documents, to your nearest VAIO (Village Agriculture Information Office) office.

8. The concerned department will then verify your application.

9. The selection of students for the scheme will be conducted through a lucky draw, and the results of this draw will be announced on the due date.

Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 Guidelines

To secure admission to a school under the Chirag Yojana, students must adhere to the following guidelines and document requirements:

1. Ensure that you possess the specified documents as detailed above.

2. Admission is only available in private schools whose names are indicated in the Form 6 instructions.

3. If a student is recommended by their previous school, admission can be granted provided they update their information on the Data Mist portal.

Haryana Chirag Yojana 2023 No. of Beneficiaries 

The government has established specific criteria regarding the number of students to be accommodated under this program. While it is not feasible to include all students due to resource limitations, the government has set student quotas for each class:

 The maximum number of students to be admitted through the Chirag Yojana is 25,000.

  •  For class 2, the allocation is set at 2,370 students.
  •  Class 3 has an allocation of 2,411 students.
  •  Class 4 is allocated 2,443 admissions.
  •  Class 5 is allocated 2,384 slots.
  • For class 6th, 2,413 students will be accommodated.
  • Class 7th has an allocation of 2,400 students.
  • Class 8th is allocated 2,383 slots.
  • For class 9th, 2,211 students are accommodated.
  • Class 10 has an allocation of 2,174 slots.
  • For classes 11 and 12, the allocations are 1,858 and 1,940 students, respectively.
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